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Your investment is safe, insured and guaranteed! πŸ” #vicaryrealtors βœ…

Do the right thing now!
In #Landbanking project β€”you’re not buying land directly (no worry) 😁

Instead of keeping your small and big money in the bank and getting numerous debits, coupled with the economy situation, reduction in local financial market situation, increased inflation, and local rates falling among other policies you and I know πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

The Reviewed LBP 12.0 is a way to keep your idle money work for you in #realestate investment projects over the period you choose from the plans available, and you get cool interest rate attached – above the new inflation rate of 18%. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Your invested money is used to develop these estates projects in different strategic locations, and development adds value to properties thus giving you an investor returns on your capital invested inline with the rate and duration you invested on. So, be not bothered or worried about buying land now because of the skyrocket increase prices of land, this LAND BANKING PROJECT is another opportunity for you to buy and diversify at affordable rate. Make your decision now!

Currently, you can subscribe in the new projects available which has 2 invesment duration = 6 months and 12 months; 14% and 30% respectively. 😍

Anyone can invest from anywhere with as low as N100,000 ($243) to N100million ($241,511).

Also, you can request for upfront payment of your returns but at 50/50: you get half during investment, while you get the other half on maturity. And I think this is awesome and pretty flexible, isn’t it?

Dassal, I believe you understand the concept of LAND BANKING PROJECT now hm? πŸ˜‰

Example πŸ‘‡
when you πŸ‘¦ invest N500,000 for 12 months, you will be cashing out N150,000 (30% ROI) + your Capital on maturity. That is, you will be celebrated with N650,000 credited to his account direct no stories.

The same applies when Vivian πŸ‘§ invest N1million for 6 months, and gets N140,000 (14% ROI) + Capital credited to her aza on maturity. Total N1,140,000. (Smile to the bank with cashout alerts) 😁

Call/Message me to REQUEST for your subscription Form and FAQ
Fill the Form, make your payment – and send back with PAYMENT proof.
Yippe! I will take it from there for you. πŸ€—

DOCUMENTS you will get are:
1. Invoice + confirmation email
2. Receipt of payment
3. Investment Certificate
4. Insurance certificate
5. Allocation Deed (MoU)
6. Post-dated cheque.
7. Client Gift πŸ“¦
(We always have a package for you)

Hey friend, does this interest you? 😁
How much are you ready to start with before the promo ends? Let’s talk. No slacking. πŸ˜‰

Call/WhatsApp to subscribe ASAP.
Be invested today! 08118573342

We are registered and licensed Real Estate Developer with the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC1668319), and the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

Our company is insured by one of the reputable insurance company in Nigeria Licensed by NAICOM and we guarantee that your invested funds would be used for property development only.

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